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OUR BREWERY: Our Greendale brewery is located inside Southridge Mall! (But fear not, you don't have to go in the mall to find us.... just use Google!)  From the dining area you can see our brewhouse and three of our seven 10 barrel (310 gallon) fermentors. But the vast majority of our brewing set-up  is in the basement...where we have four more 10 barrel fermentors, two 20 barrel fermentors, and about 22 beer-brite tanks that hold finished beer. We also do all of our clean barrel aging and canning in this cellar of Southridge as well. Once a month look for fresh cans of your Explorium favorites! We release  cans and bottles of barrel aged beers on an annual basis. 


OUR BREWERY: Our Third Ward brewery has a pretty sweet set-up!  While you're dining, check out the tanks  in the north east corner of the building.  This collection of tanks consists of our 10 barrel brewhouse, six 10 barrel fermentors, and two 10 barrel lagering tanks. If you're visiting on a day when we are brewing, you'll smell the tantalizing  aromas  of your favorite Explorium Brews being prepared just for you!  In the cellar we have our cold storage which contains 16 beer-brite tanks. In addition, our cellar at  the Pritzlaff Building houses our sour barrel-aged beer collection, a fun stop to visit on our brewery tour!  In our dining room, we have two fermenters called Foeders, large white oak barrels used to ferment sour beers.  

OUR BREWPUB: Our Third Ward brewpub has spacious seating in several different areas of our beautiful building, located in the Historic Pritzlaff Building.  Stop in for a casual dinner, reserve a table  for a casual gathering, or rent out a private space perfect for your event. 


EVENTS:  Click the button below that corresponds with the space about which you'd like more information, and we can get you set up with a space that fits your needs!

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