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January 13, 2024 - We’re super proud to announce our exclusive Explorium Whiskey Club! Like everything we do, we work really hard to provide exceptional value in our offerings, and the Explorium Whiskey Club will be no different. The club will be limited to 140 members invited to join from our customer base. Our Mug Club members will be offered the first opportunity to join, then offered to our email list subscribers. In the future, if we can get our liquor distributors to support more members then we’ll expand in future years, but for 2024 we are limiting the club to 140 members. 

The purpose of our club is to expand your access and knowledge in this whole category of spirits. Of course, the focus will be on bourbon , but we're going to keep you engaged by exploring all types of whiskey [and whisky]. A large part of this club will be the barrel pick component where we buy carefully selected barrels for consumption by the club.  


Our Proprietors, Mike & Joan Doble, and our staff take great pride in picking amazing barrels. Just stop in and try any of our current offerings and you’ll see that’s true. This coming year we’ll accelerate our program with some rare and sought after barrels. This is your opportunity to get exclusive access to these barrel picks without a lottery. In addition, we want to spend some time with you on education and tasting of curated flights so you can impress your neighbors and friends with your extensive whiskey knowledge. 



  • Limited to 140 members

  • 20% Discount on Whiskey Pours

  • 20% Discount on Barrel Picks  including rare barrels

  • Monthly curated whiskey flight (3 x 3/4 oz pours at a discount)

  • Exclusive Whiskey Club tastings and release events at least 4x per year

  • Guaranteed buy of barrel picks through pre-order before they are released to the public


So, our Explorium Whiskey Club will include curated flights once a month, 20% discount on any whiskey pour, and, of course, whiskey oriented tastings, educational events, and release events. Plus, you will have exclusive pre order access to our picks during the year, including rare and sought after bottles, without a lottery. Upon joining you’ll get your Whiskey Club digital membership card, and the opportunity to buy any currently stocked barrel pick at a 20% discount. Going forward, as a Whiskey Club member, you will get our barrel picks at a 20% discount as well. 

When we do guided tastings we will use a standard tasting sheet. You can download it by hitting the link to the pdf below. It prints 8.5" x 7".

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